Testimonials on our stroke rehabilitation videos and Stroke Riskometer app from users and several world-recognised experts in stroke.
The educational videos are the keys to improving quality of life post-stroke. It is like having a personal trainer and health professional available 24/7
Antonio Culebras
Professor, MD, President of the World Stroke Federation
This is a unique and outstanding video guide for stroke survivors and their families. I strongly recommend it.
Vladimir Hachinski
MD, FRCPC, DSc, Professor of Neurology, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
These videos are excellent. I am not aware of any other comprehensive source of information. The videos are targeted to people who have had a stroke as well as their carers and family. However, the content is so thorough that the videos should also be of use to the health professional. The obvious advantage of the videos is that the information is readily accessible and different topics can be accessed with ease. I cannot think of any relevant question that may arise after a stroke that is not answered in this series.

Having experience of stroke is a major, life changing event. Access to good quality information is the key to understanding the condition but also to understanding what can be achieved for the best management of the various problems that may arise. The videos avoid unnecessary technicalities and the facts and opinions are expressed in clear, unambiguous language. The production of these DVDs is a remarkable achievement and will be of significant help to people who have had a stroke as well as their families and friends. I can highly recommend these DVDs and every stroke unit should have copies for distribution to their patients.
Michael P Barnes
Professor, MD, FRCP, Regional Neurorehabilitation Centre, Hunters Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
The videos nicely document the toll of stroke on the victim and their family and a variety of emotional responses.
John F. Delohery
Director of Rehabilitation and Aged Care Services Mona Vale Hospital, Sydney, NSW
These videos likewise provide valuable information and a positive message of hope. I watched the videos with my wife, who is not a physician. She was equally enthusiastic.
Ian B. Ross
MD, Department of Neurosurgery Huntington Memorial Hospital Pasadena, California, USA
I George Tavita have found the stroke videos very rewarding, as one of the stroke victims giving info on how I was hit with the stroke, it was also good to see how others got their stroke, also how to overcome it, also to try and learn a normal life again. I myself hope that my info in getting back to normal has helped other stroke victims.
George Tavita
stroke survivor
They are very helpful in understanding different types and causes of stroke. Also listening to different sufferers of stroke and their caregivers point of views. I recommend it that all health professionals keep a copy to show in their waiting rooms etc.
Debbie Patel
stroke survivor
This set of videos prepared by Prof Valery Feigin, a world renowned expert on stroke, are an exceptional and new instrument for a set of people that may be involved in the care of patients with stroke. These videos encourage the patients and their caregivers to take responsibility for their own self-care management on a daily basis.
Giancarlo Logroscino
Professor, Department of Clinical Research in Neurology University of Bari Aldo Moro at Card. G.Panico Hospital, Italy
The great advantage of the Stroke RiskometerTM is that it allows a person to calculate their risk of stroke within the next 5-10 years. Armed with this information, an individual can take action, with the help of their doctor, to reduce their risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. Stroke is much easier to prevent than treat. As one of my patients stated, the best stroke is the stroke you never had!
Stephen Davis
Professor, Past President, World Stroke Organization