Our mission: to PREVENT stroke and help people to RECOVER from stroke

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"Never, never, never give up."
Sir Winston Churchill

New tools for stroke prevention and recovery are now available.

A series of self-management video clips and DVDs on stroke care and rehabilitation are available in a visual format that makes it so much easier for stroke sufferers and their family caregivers to improve their recovery post-stroke. They show exactly how to manage everyday needs and provide practical demonstrations of exercises and other techniques to improve quality of life of people with stroke and their family caregivers. Over 35 rehabilitation procedures are shown including feeding, massage, physical exercises, bathing and walking. These procedures can be used at home or any other facility. The most unique feature of these video materials is that most of the educational and training procedures are presented by stroke survivors and their family caregivers, so people will see that they are not alone and if others can do it, they can too.  

All training procedures are accompanied by easy to understand explanations from health professionals. Developed by stroke authorities in New Zealand and endorsed by the World Stroke Organization and the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation, no special medical training or background is needed to understand these video materials.

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