DVD #1

DVD #1

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The latest breakthroughs in stroke science suggest that stroke can be avoided in up to 85% of cases, and for those who have had a stroke, the outcome can be substantially improved. How can this be achieved? Watching this DVD is the first step. The DVD contains 6 chapters covering over 40 aspects of stroke, spanning from understanding what stroke is and how to avoid it, to the understanding of the consequences of stroke, and practical recommendations on what to do to improve recovery and reduce stroke impact on stroke survivors, their families and caregivers. You will find out how to calculate your own risk of stroke and how to decrease your risk. Richly illustrated by animations and video interviews with leading health professionals, this comprehensive and cutting edge educational DVD provides important and potentially life-saving information for stroke survivors, their families and carers and those who are at risk of stroke. There are over 100 important practical issues and real-life questions addressed in the DVD! For example, health professionals who are experts on smoking and physical activity, dietician, rehabilitation specialist, neuro-psychologist, geriatric specialist, community nurse, and neurologist are interviewed and provide practical advice on how to stop smoking, increase your physical activity, improve your nutrition, and deal with various stroke consequences.

New Zealand Stroke Education Trust 2011 Ⓒ